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A Penobscot Indian Hero: Charles Shay’s Tribute to Native American Comrades in WWII

A documentary short that focuses on a Penobscot Indian war hero who has turned into an international celebrity. The film highlights Shay’s bravery during the D-Day landings at “bloody Omaha,” his very first day in combat when he served as medic in a first-wave assault platoon and saved countless lives under intense enemy fire.

Central to the documentary is the research of Dutch anthropologist Harald Prins, who helped bring Shay’s story to light. Prins’ efforts not only secured prestigious recognition for Shay, such as the French Legion of Honor, but also aimed to shed light on mostly unknown or forgotten North American Indian soldiers in WWII and other foreign wars.


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Charles Shay and the Native American Warriors of WWII

Unveiling the Extraordinary Life of Charles Shay and the Unsung Heroism of Native American Soldiers in WWII